Optifine HD for Minecraft 1.7.5 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 / 1.6.2 / 1.5.2

OptiFine HD for 1.7.5 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 / 1.6.2 / 1.5.2 is a performance enhancement modification which doubles the FPS (frames per second) rate inside your world. It makes use of your Video Card to provide support for improved graphics by adding HD textures, animations and eye candy to your Minecraft. It automatically install texture packs and allows you to modify rendering, fog, weather and various visual options to better customization.

Optifine HD Features

  • FPS boost (examples)
    • doubling the FPS is common
    • decreases lag spikes and smooths gameplay
  • Support for HD Textures
    • HD textures and HD fonts (MCPatcher HD not needed)
    • custom terrain and item textures
    • animated terrain and item textures
    • custom HD Font character widths
    • custom colors
    • custom block color palettes
    • custom lighting
    • unlimited texture size
  • Variable Render Distance (example)
    • from Tiny to Extreme (2 x Far) in 16m steps
    • sunmoon and stars are visible in Tiny and Short distance
  • Configurable Smooth Lighting (examples)
    • from 1% smooth lighting without shadows
    • to 100% smooth lighting with full shadows
  • Performance: VSync
    • Synchronizes framerate with monitor refresh rate to remove split frames and smooth gameplay
  • Smart Advanced OpenGL
    • more efficient, less artifacts
    • Fast faster, some artifacts still visible
    • Fancy slower, avoids visual artifacts
  • Fog control
    • Fog: Fancy, Fast, OFF
    • Fog start: Near, Far
  • Mipmaps (examples)
    • Visual effect which makes distant objects look better by smoothing the texture details
    • Mipmap level OFF, 1, 2, 3, Max
    • Mipmap type Nearest, Linear
  • Anisotropic Filtering (examples)
    • Restores details in mipmapped textures
    • AF level OFF, 2, 4, 8, 16 (depends on hardware support)
  • Antialiasing (examples)
    • Smooths jagged lines and sharp color transitions
    • AA level OFF, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 (depends on hardware support)
  • Better Grass
    • Fixes grass blocks side texture to match surrounding grass terrain
  • Better Snow (examples)
    • Fixes transparent blocks textures to match surrounding snow terrain
  • Clear Water (examples)
    • Clear, transparent water with good visibility underwater
  • Random Mobs
    • Use random mob textures if available in the texture pack
  • Connected Textures (examples)
    • Connects textures for glass, glass panes, sandstone and bookshelf blocks which are next to each other.
  • Natural Textures (http://optifine.net/downloads.php)
    • Removes the gridlike pattern created by repeating blocks of the same type. Uses rotated and flipped variants of the base block texture.
  • FPS control
    • Smooth FPS stabilizes FPS by flushing the graphics driver buffers (examples)
    • Smooth Input fixes stuck keys, slow input and sound lag by setting correct thread priorities
  • Chunk Loading Control
    • Load Far loads the world chunks at distance Far, allows fast render distance switching
    • Preloaded Chunks defines an area in which no new chunks will be loaded
    • Chunk Updates per Frame allows for faster world loading
    • Dynamic Updates loads more chunks per frame when the player is standing still
  • Configurable Details
    • Clouds Default, Fast, Fancy
    • Cloud Height from 0% to 100%
    • Trees Default, Fast, Fancy
    • Grass Default, Fast, Fancy
    • Water Default, Fast, Fancy
    • Rain and Snow Default, Fast, Fancy
    • Sky ON, OFF
    • Stars ON, OFF
    • Sun & Moon ON, OFF
    • Depth Fog ON, OFF
    • Weather ON, OFF
    • Swamp Colors ON, OFF
    • Smooth Biomes ON, OFF
    • Custom Fonts ON, OFF
    • Custom Colors ON, OFF
    • Show Capes ON, OFF (supports HD capes)
  • Configurable animations
    • Water Animated OFF, Dynamic, ON
    • Lava Animated OFF, Dynamic, ON
    • Fire Animated OFF, ON
    • Portal Animated OFF, ON
    • Redstone Animated OFF, ON
    • Explosion Animated OFF, ON
    • Flame Animated OFF, ON
    • Smoke Animated OFF, ON
    • Void Particles OFF, ON
    • Water Particles OFF, ON
    • Rain Splash OFF, ON
    • Portal Particles OFF, ON
    • Dripping Water/Lava OFF, ON
    • Terrain Animated OFF, ON
    • Items Animated OFF, ON
  • Fast Texturepack Switching
    • Switch the current Texturepack without leaving the world
  • Fullscreen Resolution
    • Configurable fullscreen resolution
  • Debug
    • Fast Debug Info removes lagometer from debug screen
    • Debug Profiler removes profiler from debug screen
  • Time Control
    • Default, Day Only or Night Only works in only in Creative mode
  • Autosave
    • Configurable Autosave interval
    • A fix for the famous Lag Spike of Death

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